1. How do I determine which card is right for me? offers calling cards products to most countries. To determine which card is right for your destination, you may select the city you are calling from then select the country you will be calling to and our pre-suggested selection may help you to find the most suitable product to call your destinations. 

2. What is Calling Card?

A prepaid calling card or phone card is defined as telecommunication credit card with an Identification Number for using a pre-selected long distance carrier.

3. Why use Calling Card?

Prepaid long distance calling cards may offer you to call your destination at bargain prices. You can call from almost anywhere: Pay phones, Office Phone, Cell Phone, even from outside, Canada or USA. Sold in varies denominations. Calling cards are very convenient to use and can be purchased in stores or Online. 

4. How do I use Calling Card?

Making the call is easy. Dial an access number provided, followed by a personal identification number (PIN), and followed by the long-distance number you are trying to reach. Detailed dialing instructions will be emailed to you with the calling card PINs.

5. What is Connection fee?

Some calling cards have a connection fee. Each time your call is answered, depending on the card type, you may be charged a connection fee which will be deducted from the available credits. These type of pre-paid cards are good for long calls.

6. Is my online transaction secure?

Yes. All online transactions at are secure; we are using PayPal for check out. This ensures that your credit card information is kept confidential and your order remains secure.

7. What do I do if there is any problem with Calling Card?

Please contact customer service of the calling card provider. You can find the customer service phone number in the same e-mail with your PINs, or on our web site.

8. Do Calling Cards expire?

Most calling cards have expiry date; please check expiry duration before purchasing the card.

9. Are there any Hidden Charges?

Most phone cards have various charges unless it is specified in terms and conditions. Phone cards plus suggest buyers to check with service provider for any unspecified information by calling product customer service. Charges may be related to network fee, administration fee, etc.

10. Do I need to enable cookies on my computer in order to use

Cookies are helpful to enhance customer experience on visiting Phone Cards plus website. We strongly recommend enabling cookies on your computer.

11. Can I use my prepaid card from a Mobile phone?

Yes, you can use your calling card to call internationally from any cellular phone that is capable of calling into product access number. Regular airtime charges may apply as per your plan with your mobile service provider.

12. Can I use my card to call other countries other than I specifically bought my card for?

Yes, you can use your calling card to call other international destinations, but your rates may vary.

13. What is Canadian mobile Voucher?

Canadian mobile top up is a prepaid voucher for Canadian mobiles to pay its monthly plan fee in advance. 

14. Do I need to have an account in order to use a Canadian mobile top up?

Yes, to activate or re-charge a Canadian mobile plan, you would need to have a monthly service plan with mobile service provider in order to use Mobile voucher to top up your account balance. 

15. How can I activate or re-charge a Canadian mobile plan top up voucher to my Cell Phone?

Call the activation access number (number will be provided), enter your password and next enter your recharge PIN. Complete instructions will be provided after purchase for each product.

16. Do I pay extra fee for purchasing a Canadian mobile top up?

There may be a service fee apply to all Mobile top up voucher. 

17. My purchased PIN does not charge to my account. What should I do?

First, make sure you have purchased the right voucher for the service you are using. Second, call your mobile service provider's customer service for assistance. If your issue is not resolved, send us an email at, provide us, Voucher name, pin number and date of the purchase for further investigation.

18. I purchased Canadian Mobile voucher from a different service provider by mistake. Can I return or exchange the PIN?

There will be no refund or exchange for all PINs purchased on phone cards plus website.

19. Does the Canadian mobile voucher expire before credit is completely used?

It depends on the mobile service provider's policy. Expiry term will be written on voucher receipt. 

20. What is Pinless prepaid plan?

Pinless plan is a unique prepaid long-distance service that does not require PIN to enter while making long distance calls. Or it may require a 4 to 6 digits security PIN to ensure security of an account. Your prepaid account info is all traceable and rechargeable online. It depends on service provider option. Your main registered phone number will be the key account holder for the Pinless account. 

21. How do I use Pinless plan Long Distance Service?

Your Phone number must be registered prior to use one of these services.

·         Dial the local access number in your City

·         Listen to your account balance.

·         Dial your long distance phone number followed by the # key

·         For Canada, USA and Caribbean dial: area code + phone number + #

·         For other international countries 011 + country code + phone number + #

Tip: Pound (#) key will help to connect faster.

Tip: To disconnect or make another call press ##

Tip: To redial last number dialed press *#

22. How Pinless plan is different from other long distance service providers and calling cards?

Pinless plan provides the best quality long distance service for long distance users. Pinless plan simply allows you to stop paying the high long distance rates, bounded with contract, service fees and network fees charged by calling card or local long distance service providers, or high unrealistic minutes and close expiration dates by calling cards. 

23. How do I use Pinless plan account from block caller ID, Toll free number and non-registered phone?

Dial the local access number in your city or the Toll free number. Enter your account pin number.

24. How do I set up my Account?

You can sign up at individual Pinless plan website, or call Pinless plan's customer service.

25. I forgot my login password?

Call Pinless plan's customer service or send an e-mail along with your registered phone number to related service provider. 

26. What is 1 Touch Dialing means and how does it work with Pinless plans?

1 Touch Dialing means dialing your destination number through a local number provided. By dialing the local number, system will automatically dial your assigned destination number. To set up 1 Touch Dialing with Pinless plan, you would need to login to your account at individual Pinless plan website. For further information please contact Pinless plan's customer service.

27. What is Speed Dial and how does it work with Pinless plans?

Speed Dial is a function that stores your phone numbers in its memory by assigning special number(s). To set up your speed dial number(s) with Pinless plan, you need to login to your account at individual Pinless plan website. For further information please contact Pinless plan's customer service.

28. Do I have to cancel any existing services before my Pinless plan account is activated?

No, since you dial to the local access number, this service becomes totally apart from your long distance service provider. Once you dialed the local access number, the system recognizes your phone number and validates your account for making a long distance call.

29. Does my Pinless plan account balance ever expire?

Pinless plans such as Hello Bolo and Direct Dial do not expire. 

30. Can I use my Pinless plan account from outside GTA (Greater Toronto Area)?

Yes, you can. Please check the applicable local access number listings.

31. How do I recharge my Pinless plan account online?

You can purchase prepaid Pinless plan voucher online to top up your account. 

32. Do I get a bill at the end of the month?

Since Pinless plan is a prepaid service, you will not receive any bill. However, you can view your account balance and call details online on the individual website 24/7.

33. Can I use Pinless plan service from my cellular phone?

Absolutely, you can use all Pinless plan services from your cellular phone. You may still be charged your usual air time and roaming charges by your service provider as per individual Mobile plan.

34. Are there any charges such as monthly fee, connection fee, maintenance fee or minimum charges?

Pinless plans accounts such as Hello Bolo and Direct Dial do not have monthly fee, connection fee, maintenance fee or minimum charges. 

35. What is Top Up International?

Top up International is the best way to send credit to certain     International Cell phones account abroad. The credit can be used by the account holder to pay           monthly fee, long distance calls as per the service provider agreement.                 

36. What is the benefit of purchasing Top up International credit?

You can easily support your loved one expense and make contribution into their account. It’s easy and convenient.

37. Is there refund if it sent to wrong account number mistakenly?

There will be no refund once the money is sent to any given account number. 

38. Does the Top up International credit ever expire?

Yes, it is related to service provider promotion rates, Exchange rate from country to country and   Government fee where applicable. 

39. Does the credit value of Top up International change?

Yes, it is related to service provider promotion rates, Exchange rate from country to country and   Government fee where applicable.